Industry 4.0 technology to optimise production processes


CAD CAM programming for CNC machining centres

Can you watch an idea take shape? With CAD-CAM design, anything is possible.

If you can think it, Andimec can make it. With our sophisticated CAD CAM design systems, starting out from a drawing or even just a description, it is possible to customise the design on a case-by-case basis for each field of application, from the prototype to the individual component, right down to the complete machine.

The first rule: be meticulous, right down to micron level.
The second rule: be responsive and punctual.

We bring your ideas to life, because any idea is worth trying. The process aims to find the best solution to bring the idea to life, including:

  • Strategy: analysis and optimisation of each phase of production
  • Purchasing: design and creation of new equipment and positioning
  • Selection: careful choice and optimisation of the machine tools to use
  • Supervision: compiling and checking the CNC programs

Our production engineering department, staffed by six highly qualified technicians, solves the most complex problems on a daily basis.
We offer the best technologies and a large dose of creativity in order to rapidly create the work programs for the machines, optimising costs and timescales and trying to find a solution where others cannot. 

  • Top Solid® for machining without complexity limits,
  • Alphacam® for two-dimensional machining,
  • Smoothcam® for fast programming with short delivery timescales.

When we create a prototype, each time is like the first

We provide you with our know-how right from the project development phase, but we are able to create fast prototypes, even on board the machine.

Between the idea and the implementation is always a design. Creation of the prototype is just the first in a series of steps working towards industrialisation, leading up to series production of the parts and finally the creation of mechanical assemblies or lines of complete automatic machines.

We frequently manage complex and difficult projects, even creating special equipment where necessary. We are always looking for suitable, global solutions which at times seem impossible.

A sophisticated Industry 4.0 system for continuous monitoring

Thanks to direct connection of the machines with the factory ICT system, we can ensure a direct line from your mind to the prototype. Our Industry 4.0 System is an integrated software system which allows information to be circulated easily, quickly and precisely, and provides continuous control over processes, essential for complying with production plans and corresponding deadlines.

Our Factory ICT System simplifies human-machine communication. First and foremost, to support our operators, providing them with maximum operational freedom while ensuring full traceability of the operations and processes carried out.
The data which can be collected by our MES allow us to collect a huge amount of significant information. Not just statistical, but above all technological data to allow us to constantly improve the performance of our processes and systems, and finally the quality of our products.

Analysis of the production methods and timeframes is fundamental for understanding and reducing costs and is particularly useful during development of prototypes in order to then calculate the production cost of the mechanical components once they have been industrialised.

CAD CAM programming: know your software

CAD (Computer Aided Design) software translates your idea into a digital design, and is able to analyse the design concept, display it using photo-realistic renderings, and simulate the creation of a 2D or 3D prototype. Through the use of CAD, calculations and simulations can be performed on the basis of the geometric elements represented in the drawing such as geometrical and strength characteristics of the figures. Following the 3D design, it is possible to generate all geometric information for the drawing using the CAM system.

CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. In practice, following the 3D design of the part through the use of the CAD software, CAM lets us analyse the geometric 2D or 3D model and generate the instructions for a CNC machine tool in a partially automated manner in order to create a prototype with the shape specified in the model. Before starting the production process, the CAD software allows us to simulate the actual execution of the machining process. This allows us to prevent common incidents such as collisions and to identify specific issues such as chip removal and/or workpiece cooling.

Sophisticated CAD CAM programs allow us to transform the initial idea into a customised and integrated service, applicable to every sector.