CNC services for precision machining with highly specialised operators


Forty-five years of experience in Italy’s packaging valley

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CNC services to work any type of material and fulfill the manufacturer’s requirements


 Smart Factory Technology implemented – Industria 4.0


CNC services for precision machining in Bologna, Italy: from prototypes to industrial mechanical components

Precision machining – people-centric mechanical engineering

Although our business is to provide machinery parts, at Andimec – a division of DICO GROUP – we place people at the centre. Our workers are the hub around which all of Andimec’s work rotates.
For us, an expert machine tool operator is not just a programmer, a worker who positions the raw material on the previously programmed production line. At Andimec, precision mechanical engineering is the right hand of a human mind which organises, manages and decides on the machining process.

Our operatives, as well as having expert knowledge of the tool they use, are masters of their secrets and potential, their operating logic, the software used and materials supplied.

““Leonardo Da Vinci Was Considered First An Artist, Then An Engineer. What Is Your Opinion, Dr. Porche?”
“Is there any difference?” replied Dr. Porche.

CNC Services: from the prototype to industrial mechanical parts

When creating a new part, precision becomes delicacy, speed becomes diligence, and the idea becomes a prototype. For this reason, our strength is the production and prototyping of components for automatic machines and industrial automation, in lot sizes from 1 to 1000 pieces.

We place our specialisation at the service of our customers, and the jewel in our crown is outsourced machining. We like making the expertise and know-how developed and acquired over 45 years of experience in Italy’s Packaging Valley available for our customers’ projects, drawings or ideas. Use of the latest technologies allows us to develop products and processes never created before. Our precision machining adapts to different materials, allowing us to offer flexible production, within the limits of the established costs, methods and timeframes.

We do not fear complexity: small and medium-sized precision machining is performed on five-axis continuous-path machining centres. We have a large collection of the most modern machinery which allows us to carry out machining, even on the most complex parts.

For us, the word challenge is synonymous with quality. For this reason, we are the ideal partner for production of automatic machines, from entire production lines to the smallest individual components.

Precision machining and CNC services: we handle all material types.

Our mechanical production is highly flexible and adapts to machining of different materials in order to satisfy everyone, even in the most specialised production sectors. We also produce parts of small and medium size, facilitating fast delivery and cost control.

We are fast but meticulous: precision is not open for discussion, and we make no compromises on quality.

The main materials we handle are:

  • Aluminium alloys (we keep stocks of 5083, 6082, 7050 in the most commonly used formats)
  • Titanium alloys
  • Alloy and special steels
  • Cast iron
  • Plastics (POM, Ketron-Peek, TIVAR)

Our production facility has modern machinery such as:

  • Three- and five-axis vertical CNC machining centres for machining of sheets/plate, with vacuum workpiece clamping on tables up to 2,000 x 4,000 mm
  • Modern five-axis CNC machines with tilting heads or rotating and tilting tables for travel up to 1,200×1,000×850 mm. Multipallet horizontal machining centres with travel up to 1,200x800x800 mm, able to operate in unsupervised shifts in order to ensure competitive costs on medium-large lots

Can you watch an idea take shape? With CAD-CAM design, anything is possible

Direct connection of the machines with the factory ICT system ensures a direct line from your mind to the prototype.
We offer a production engineering service, including design and optimisation of the processes, design and creation of equipment, optimisation of tool selection, compiling and verification of CNC programs.
Six highly specialised engineers are constantly engaged in disentangling each production cycle, in terms of the most streamlined possible processes and timeframes.

An Industry 4.0 system to ensure continuous monitoring

Our Industry 4.0 –Factory ICT System is a genuine MES (Manufacturing Execution System), an integrated software system which allows information to be circulated easily, quickly (for many immediate functions) and precisely, and provides continuous control over processes, essential for complying with production plans and corresponding deadlines.

At Andimec, each machine tool sends the MES the data on production and methods of use directly. Each qualified operator can view all operating and production data in real time with their PC or smartphone. Thanks to the presence of our qualified personnel, divided into three work shifts and supported by remote monitoring of all production machinery, our processes are always closely monitored.

Not just a monitoring and control system – our Industry 4.0 system simplifies human-machine communication. First and foremost, to support our operators, providing them with maximum operational freedom while ensuring full traceability of the operations and processes carried out.
The data which can be gathered by our MES allow us to collect a huge amount of significant information. A collection of statistical, but above all technological data to allow us to constantly improve the performance of our processes and the quality of our products.

At Andimec, precision machining takes on the form of teamwork involving all employees, but which also passes through the relationship with our customers and partners. We conceive original processes, turning your ideas into prototypes in order to create products of the highest technological precision together.