Precision machine works and services


Complex and demanding sectors: from packaging to nuclear medicine


Over 20 modern 3- and 5-Axis CNC machining centres


Our precision machine works meet the needs of numerous industrial sectors

DICO GROUP’s Andimec precision machine work does not manufacture its own products. Our product is the ability to make others’ products, and therefore offer customers much more than simple mechanical parts, as ultra-precise and complex as they may be. Andimec – DICO GROUP offers know-how and expertise in the field of precision machining acquired over 45 years of experience in Bologna’s Packaging Valley. Our workshop, therefore, provides integrated experiences thanks to its vast experience and integrated technologies with its extensive range of machine tools.

Numerous industrial sectors place their trust in our precision machine work services

We provide our customers with a professional, highly specialised service, in industrial sectors ranging from food and tobacco packaging, pharmaceutical, railway, aerospace, and automotive to shipbuilding. We are able to handle the machining of plastics, textiles, and paper, right through to nuclear medicine and building automation.

There is no project that we cannot take on in our precision machine shop or a sector which we haven’t worked in over the years. Even if there were, we never stop challenging ourselves and improving our technical skills.

Indeed, at Andimec – DICO GROUP, training and education never stop. Our highly qualified personnel regularly take specific training courses to improve their skills in cutting-edge machinery.
Also constantly updated is the expertise required to operate the Part Programs used on the CNC machines, for ever-more cutting-edge machining processes: over 30% of the approximately 7,000 production orders run every year are indeed for prototype parts – items never before created, helping shape the future.

An extensive range of machine tools for the milling of all materials

Over 20 machining centres in order to meet all milling requirements: HSC milling, five-axis milling, and 3D milling and engraving to create text and markings. The same goes for laser engraving and marking, always ensuring the highest quality of work and precise dimensions and shape.

The secret behind our wide yet highly specialised range of services lies in the extensive experience we have gained in machining all types of materials, including

  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Titanium and titanium alloys
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, and cast steel
  • Cast iron
  • Brass
  • Copper and copper alloys
  • Plastics and much more besides

This is just one reason why numerous industrial operators find Andimec – DICO GROUP to be the ideal partner for their precision milling work.

We work three shifts, allowing us to achieve a figure of 50,000 hours of machining per year, on lot sizes typically composed of between one and 100 pieces.

Testing and finishing performed by expert machining operators

Our ability to develop products enables us to create the machining processes of the future. But it does not end there, because all our passion and precision comes together in the final testing and finishing process.
The finishing processes are performed with surface and heat treatments, managed via a network of suppliers of proven quality and reliability which Andimec has built up over the years.
During testing, Andimec’s technicians are inflexible, while the finishing operatives have a passion for things done in a certain way.

Precision machine work in Bologna

At Andimec – DICO GROUP we are able to handle all requirements related to precision machining, from the creation of particularly complex mechanical parts and machining of small lots right down to the final treatments. We conceive original processes, turning your ideas into prototypes in order to create products of the highest technological precision, together.

It is thanks to this wide range of services that our precision machine shop near Bologna is always able to find the ideal solution. We carry out machining processes that satisfy the widest range of requests for all sectors requiring a high level of specialisation in precision machining.