Precision machining for all sectors


High quality and zero defects


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Precision machining – high-quality without compromises

Quality, continuous improvement, and satisfaction when you are proud of what you have created. We offer precision machining, components, and machinery, for industrial sectors that are completely free of defects – just how we like things. In the sectors in which Andimec operates, the quality of components is an essential and unavoidable requirement: packaging for the pharmaceutical, food, and tobacco sector, right through to transport and automotive: these are just some of the sectors in which the quality of our precision contract machining work stands out due to its quality, precision, accuracy and punctual delivery.

The search for quality in each detail – precision machining for highest requirements  

We are committed to producing products that perform their function within machines in an impeccable manner, but that’s not all: our machining aims to offer production with zero defect rates.

Our precision machining is, indeed, required to satisfy very high levels of performance in terms of speed, strength, and durability, however, aesthetics also play a fundamental role. We guarantee a complete lack of imperfections or marks on delivery.
This attention to detail is not an end unto itself, as the aesthetic appearance and precision of the product also provide it with the correct level of perceived value.

Punctual delivery, within the agreed deadline, is always a priority. We provide the best-outsourced supply service possible in the shortest timeframes in order to guarantee a service of all-round quality and excellence.

It is our goal to keep any costs under control, also in the event of quality non-conformities.
We keep any extra costs that might occur during the manufacturing phases under control.

The quality of our products does not simply represent meeting contractual standards or an exasperated search for perfection as an end unto itself.

Precision machining quality control methods

We ensure the quality of our products during the production phase through intermediate inspections at each machining phase. Because at Andimec, we do not like surprises.
When production is complete, we issue a complete certification on request attesting that the machining precisely meets the design specifications provided, as well as complete traceability of the materials used.
Andimec boasts a metrology department equipped with the latest tools, including three-dimensional inspection equipment from Mitutoyo and Zeiss, to carry out these checks. Our analysis software interprets the results of the measurements very rapidly and adapts them to our advanced production systems and processes.

Quality Certification

We operate in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, as defined and certified within DICO GROUP, applying production standards, inspections, and procedures to meet the most rigorous parameters required for precision machining.

It is no problem for us to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, also from different industrial sectors.

We are qualified, Free Pass suppliers for companies that manufacture machinery for the food and pharmaceuticals industry, railway control equipment, and electronic equipment for cars, motorcycles, and aircraft, amongst other things. Wherever there is high-tech precision machining, you will find Andimec.